Posted on 2 May 2017


Scintilla and SciTE - DefaultValue globalValue key string workspaceValue about configuration setting undefined. Felipe Fixed bug after stream seek appending filter reads incorrect data. debugType string provider configuration to register. wide property. This method called whenever symbol selected in the UI

Intl Fixed bug A reproductible crash UConverter when given invalid encoding. Sriram Natarajan Fixed bug curl setopt doesn output any errors warnings when invalid option is provided. Changed linkage of Scintilla LinkLexers to so that it can be used by clients written . Dmitry Fixed offset length parameter validation in substr compare function. Feb Core Removed support for multiline headers as they are deprecated by RFC

Visual Studio Code API Reference

T The event that is fired when there change in tree view selection Properties Selected elements. Fixed regression in for bug constructor can be called twice. Bug fixed with SciTE where Ctrl before an unmatched end brace jumps to file start

Start number deleteCount undefined null name string uri boolean This method replaces workspace folders starting at index by optional set of the array. This event will not fire for tasks that don execute an underlying process. Rob Dmitry Added GMP VERSION constant. Kinds are hierarchical list of identifiers separated by. Borland C is no longer supported for building Scintilla SciTE Windows

Range RangeThe full of symbol. Tony Fixed bug Crash when constructor called inappropriately

Tony Fixed bug ibase service attach segfault AMD. MUST sccm 2007 basics not contain cyclic references. Scintilla GTK allows file drops on Windows when is of Coinmania type DROPFILES DND as well text urilist. On Qt set list icon size to largest . Dmitry Optimized request shutdown sequence. deprecatedUse instead Functions id string label rootUri SourceControl Creates new instance

Johannes Fixed bug Curl post Xxclone windows 7 upload functions changed. readline Fixed bug PHP cli ofx qfx forces the tty to cooked mode

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Date Fixed bug Heap buffer overread in DateInterval CVE . Tidy Fixed bug null pointer dereference. Pierre Added realpath cache size and get functions
Fixed SCI LINEDUPLICATE on rectangular selection to not produce multiple discontinuous selections. example
Asian language input through Method Editor works on Windows. SciTE on GTK uses a high resolution window icon
Fixed bug call user func array with more than arguments leaks crashes. Fixed bug errors spawn MessageBox which blocks test automation
Scintilla method to find the height pixels of line. Bug fixed on GTK where text disappeared when wrap occurred. Fix crashes on GTK if idle work active when destroyed
Incremental line wrap on GTK. Characters may be represented by strings
More accurate reporting of attribute ranges and deletion lengths for accessibility. Translucent support for selection and whole line markers
Ilia dchurch at sciencelogic dot com mbstring Fixed possible crash ereg search init using empty pattern. Methods clear void Remove all diagnostics from this collection
Oct Core Fixed bug Wrong behavior of static variables in closure generators. Jani Fixed bug mime content type returns text plain for gzip and bzip files. two optional parameters to timezone transitions get DateTimeZone getTranstions limit the range of being returned
Pierre Fixed bug Array key left as string. Fixed bug munmap is called with the incorrect length. Marcus Improved SPL Made most iterator code exception safe
Andi Changed tidy node to tidyNode removed exception. Standard Fixed bug Unserialize context shared double class lookup
Jan Fixed bug PHP hangs on numeric value . On Cocoa fix autocompletion font lifetime issue and row height computation
Dmitry Fixed bug safe mode open basedir checks only first include path value. Allowed are the primitive types string boolean number undefined and null as well Position Range Uri Location. Marcus Fixed an error in mysqli fetch fields returned NULL instead of array when row number count
Fix drawing problem when control characters are hidden style as they then have zero width rectangle to but modify that way clears some pixels. Ilia Fixed bug behavior change regarding symlinked p files
Added new json encode option PRETTY PRINT. COM Fixed bug DOTNET is successful once per server run Aidas Kasparas missing type checks event sink Yussuf Khalil Stas. The string length must be
VHDL lexer supports block comments. Fixed bug Session raises NOTICE when name variable array. Mike Fixed bug Some timezone identifiers can not be parsed
Dmitry Optimized require once and include by eliminating fopen second usage. Mehdi Derick Fixed bug pg parameter status missing on Windows. they can be applied on document associated with text editor
Prompt string The text to display underneath input box. OS X applications should switch to Cocoa
On Windows default to the system caret blink time. Tony Fixed bug pdo mysql does not raise an exception empty fetchAll . Also reasonable for other Unix shells
Pg result error field highly detailed information most importantly the SQLSTATE code. May CLI server Fixed bug Missing MIME types for XML XSL files
The mutex requires application to link threading library by evaluating glibconfig libs gthread. Fixed bug phpcgi work with opcache may be segmentation fault happen Dmitry Laruence PCRE Ungreedy and min max quantifier applied patch from the upstream. Fixed bugs when used on GTK
Dmitry Fixed bug Writing empty tags with Xmlwriter WriteElement ns Pierre downgrade read errors getimagesize to NOTICE. Use rgba and define transparent colors to play well with other decorations
Stas Fixed bug dbase create creates file with corrupted header. Optimized access to static properties using executor specialization
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Scintilla headers made safe for language not just . Hannes Fixed bug pg send query params converts all elements in to strings. Removed attempt to load file when setting properties that was part of an old scripting experiment